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Allahinnatud! Sony α ILCE-7S Vaata suuremalt

Ostes antud toote, teile lisatakse 1899 boonuspunkti. Teie ostukorvi kogutakse 1899 punktid mis on võimalik konverteerida kupongiks, väärtusega 18,99 €.

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Fotokaamera Sony α A7S Body

Sony α ILCE-7S, Automaatne, Pilvine, Kohandatavad režiimid, Päevavalgus, Välk, Fluorestseeriv, Hõõguv, Vari, Veealun, Lähivõte (makro), Maastik, Öine portree, Portree, Sport, Päikeseloojang, Videvik, Must & valge, Neutraalne, Seepia, Ere, Film, Üksikvõte, Slaidiseanss, Electrical, Patarei

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35mm full-frame shooting with 4K video and phenomenal sensitivity

12.2 MP 35mm full frame sensor: The α7s combines phenomenal sensitivity—ranging from ISO 50 to 409600 for still images and ISO 200 to 409600 for movies with supremely low noise, courtesy of Sony’s new 12.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor and optimized high-speed BIONZ™ X image processing engine. Professional movie functions satisfy the highest demands of serious photographers and videographers, and it’s all packed in the world’s smallest 35mm full-frame interchangeable-lens camera body..

Ultra-high sensitivity up to ISO 409600: Expand your still and movie capabilities with the ultra-high sensitivity range from ISO 50 to 409600 for still images and ISO 200 to 409600 for movies..

BIONZ™ X processor: Sony proudly introduces the new BIONZ™ X image processing engine, which faithfully reproduces textures and details in real time, as seen by the naked eye, via extra high-speed processing capabilities. Together with front-end LSI (large scale integration) that accelerates processing in the earliest stages, it enables more natural details, more realistic images, richer tonal gradations and lower noise whether you shoot still images or movies..

Multiple recording formats: The α7s records in a wide variety of formats convenient for photographers working at all professional levels. It is compatible with 4K 24p, 30p/Full HD 60p, 60i, 30p, 24p video output and Full-Frame & APS-C (Super 35mm equivalent) size..

Full-frame filmmaking: Portable moviemaking reaches a new level of flexibility and attainability with the α7s’s unique combination of 35mm full-frame sensor, audio production features, and flexible lens interchangeability. Now, the dramatic effect of beautiful bokeh, plus the artistic choice of creating a rich cinematic ambience is yours, thanks to the full frame, P/A/S/M mode, and advanced audio capabilities. The accelerated BIONZ™ X image-processing engine enables area-specific noise reduction and detail reproduction technology to be applied to movies, resulting in ultra-fine detail and exceptionally low noise. Features like Picture Effect, full HDMI output for an external monitor, and full 1080p AVCHD Progressive format plus XAVC S, and the choice of 60p/24p recording further expand the options..

Clean HDMI output for 4K movies: Non-compressed image output is now possible at 4K (QFHD; 3840 x 2160 pixels) resolution with selectable 30p and 24p frame rates. You can choose 4K or Full HD output from a menu. The 4K output capability allows recording of high-quality 4K images by a 4K-compatible recorder, as well as 4K output directly to a compatible monitor or TV..

XAVC S format: The high-bit-rate XAVC S format is provided for serious videographers. Available for the first time in an α camera, it enables Full HD image recording at 50Mbps for extremely high-quality expression and minimal noise. It also employs the Long GOP (Group of Pictures) data compression method to realize efficient movie recording. Note: Sony recommends using an SDXC memory card higher than Class 10 when shooting movies in the XAVC S format..

S-Log2 gamma setting: This proprietary Sony gamma setting, featured in commercial video equipment, creates a 1,300% wider dynamic range for smooth expression of gradation with reduced whiteout and blackout. Through color grading in post production, you can make the most of the low-noise image and super-rich detail to achieve various types of image expression..

Time code / User bit: As with commercial video equipment, this function provides a “Record Run” setting that only advances the time code while recording, a “Free Run” setting that advances the time code whether recording or not, a drop frame method and a non- drop frame method. The α7s can also output a superimposed time code when the clean HDMI output setting is in use. Note: This function is only available when recording in the AVCHD and XAVC S formats..

120fps shooting at HD resolution: When shooting movies in the APS-C (Super 35mm equivalent) crop mode, the α7s supports high-frame-rate 120fps shooting at HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). This remarkable capability broadens image expression options since a movie shot at this frame rate can be played back at 24p to create stunning 5x slow-motion effects..

Picture Profile: You can fine-tune the look of movies before shooting by adjusting gradation (black level, gamma and black gamma), color adjustment (color mode, intensity, color tone and depth), basic color (gamma and color mode) and more. Adjusted parameters can be saved along with other settings as a profile, and up to seven profiles can be stored for later recall..

XGA OLED Tru-Finder: This viewfinder features high 1024x768 resolution, OLED improvements and the same 3-lens optical system used in the flagship α99 despite the compact body. The viewfinder displays the effects of your camera settings, so you can accurately monitor the results. You'll enjoy rich tonal gradations and three times the contrast of the α99. High-end features like 100% frame coverage, wide viewing angle, information display modes, peaking function, and focus magnifier are also provided..

Enhanced Fast Hybrid Autofocus: Numerous features contribute to the α7s's autofocus capabilities: the new lightning-fast BIONZ™ X, high-speed full-frame image sensor output, and a newly developed Spatial Object Detection AF algorithm that conducts focusing analysis in real-time using spatial frequency information to optimally control the lens drive..

Anti-dust system and coating: To keep your photos blemish free, an anti-dust mechanism vibrates ultrasonically whenever you switch off the camera to remove any particles adhering to the image sensor. An anti-static coating also helps prevent dust and other particles from adhering to the sensor when changing lenses..

Audio recording & monitoring: During movie recording and playback, you can monitor the sound using headphones connected to the α7s via the headphone jack, check levels with the display controls, or attach professional sound gear using the industry-standard XLR terminal adaptor kit..

Tiltable LCD screen: 7.5 cm, 1.2 million dot LCD offers high resolution and flexible composition options.

Substantial, ergonomic grip: The α7s is 25% less bulky than leading DSLRs, but still features a full-size grip for all-day shooting comfort..

Magnesium alloy body: Thanks to this outstandingly light and strong metal, the α7s weighs 489 grams with battery—less than half the weight of leading DSLRs —but has the durability for years of performance..

Controls, customization and navigation: Despite compact dimensions, the α7s features front and rear dials for intuitive setting of exposure, a control wheel for setting ISO, and an exposure compensation dial. Quick Navi Pro displays all major shooting options on the LCD screen so you can rapidly confirm settings and make adjustments as desired without searching through dedicated menus. Button customization empowers you to shoot just the way you like, with frequently used functions assigned to the customizable buttons of your choice. You can easily assign various functions to any of 9 buttons; and selected key functions can be assigned to the Fn button for quick access..

Dust and moisture resistance: Durability-enhancing measures include sealing around the buttons and dials, as well as a protective double-layered structure that tightly interlocks panels and components..

Sony ILCE-7S, α. Megapiksel: 12,2 MP, Kaamera tüüp: MILC (Peeglita vahetatavate objektiividega kaamera), Anduri tüüp: CMOS. Digitaalne suum: 8x, Objektiivi kinnitusliides: Sony E. Teravustamine: Automaatne/manuaalne, Automaatfookuse (AF) režiimid: Keskmestavalt mõõdetud autofookus, Pidev autofookus, Contrast Detection Auto Focus, Ühekordne autofo. ISO-tundlikkus: 409600, 50, Valgussärituse režiimid: Ava eelistus AE, Automaatne, Manuaal, Katiku prioriteet AE, Valgussärituse kontroll: Programm AE. Kaamera kiireim katikukiirus: 1/8000 s, Kaamera aeglaseim katikukiirus: 30 s

Megapiksel 12,2 MP
Kaamera tüüp MILC (Peeglita vahetatavate objektiividega kaamera)
Anduri tüüp CMOS
Maksimaalne pildiresolutsioon 4240 x 2832 pixels
Pildiresolutsioon(id) 4240 x 2832, 2768 x 1848, 2128 x 1416, 2768 x 1848, 2128 x 1416, 1376 x 920, 4240 x 2384, 2768 x 1560, 2128 x 1200, 2768 x 1560, 2128 x 1200, 1376 x 776, 12416 x 1856, 5536 x 2160, 8192 x 1856, 3872 x 2160
Pildistabilisaator Ei
Pildistabiliseerija asukoht Lääts
Toetatud kuvasuhe 3:2, 16:9
Megapiksleid kokku 12,4 MP
Pildisensori suurus (l x k) 35,6 x 23,8 mm
Anduri formaat Full-frame
Toetatud pildivormingud JPG, RAW
Digitaalne suum 8x
Objektiivi kinnitusliides Sony E
Teravustamine Automaatne/manuaalne
Automaatfookuse (AF) režiimid Keskmestavalt mõõdetud autofookus, Pidev autofookus, Contrast Detection Auto Focus, Ühekordne autofookus
Automaatfookuse (AF) punktid 25
Automaatfookuse (AF) lukustus Jah
ISO-tundlikkus 409600, 50
Valgussärituse režiimid Ava eelistus AE, Automaatne, Manuaal, Katiku prioriteet AE
Valgussärituse kontroll Programm AE
Valgussärituse korrektsioon ±5EV (1/2; 1/3 EV step)
Valguse mõõtmine Keskmestav mõõtmine, Hinnanguline (mitmemustriline), Märkama
Automaatse säri (AE) lukustus Jah
ISO-tundlikkus (min) 50
ISO-tundlikkus (max) 409600
Kaamera kiireim katikukiirus 1/8000 s
Kaamera aeglaseim katikukiirus 30 s
Välgurežiimid Automaatne, Asendus, Välk väljas, Välgueelne, Punasilmsuse vähendamine, Aeglane sünkronisatsioon
Välgu säri lukustus Jah
Eelvälk Jah
Videosalvestus Jah
Maksimaalne video resolutsioon 1920 x 1080 pixels
HD tüüp Full HD
Videoresolutsioonid 640 x 480,1280 x 720,1440 x 1080,1920 x 1080 pixels
Liikuva JPEG kaadrisagedus 50 fps
Resolutsioon haardekiirusel 1440x1080@25fps, 1920x1080@25fps, 1920x1080@50fps, 640x480@25fps
Analoogsignaali vormingu süsteem NTSC, PAL
Toetatud videoformaadid AVC, AVCHD, H.264, MP4, MPEG4
Sisseehitatud mikrofon Jah
Häälsalvestus Jah
Helisüsteem Stereo
Toetatud audioformaadid AC3, LPCM
Müravähendus Jah
Ühilduvad mälukaardid MS PRO Duo, MS Pro-HG Duo, MS XC-HG Duo, SD, SDHC, SDXC
Ekraan TFT
Ekraani diagonaal 7,62 cm (3")
Ekraani resolutsioon (numbriline) 921600 pixels
Pildiotsija tüüp Electrical
Suurendus 0,71x
Pildiotsija ekraani suurus 0.5"
PictBridge Ei
USB versioon 2.0
USB connector Micro-USB B
HDMI-pistiku tüüp Mikro
WiFi Jah
WiFi-standardid 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
NFC-tehnoloogia Jah
Valge tasakaalustus Automaatne, Pilvine, Kohandatavad režiimid, Päevavalgus, Välk, Fluorestseeriv, Hõõguv, Vari, Veealune
Montaažirežiimid Lähivõte (makro), Maastik, Öine portree, Portree, Sport, Päikeseloojang, Videvik
Fotoefektid Must & valge, Neutraalne, Seepia, Ere
Iseavaja 2,10 s
Kontrasti reguleerimine Jah
Küllastuse reguleerimine Jah
Kaamera taasesitus Film, Üksikvõte, Slaidiseanss
Histogramm Jah
Otsepilt Jah
Kaamera failisüsteem DCF 2.0, Exif 2.3, RAW
Toiteallika tüüp Patarei
Akutehnoloogia Liitiumioon (Li-Ion)
Aku tööiga (CIPA-standard) 380 shots
Aku tüüp NP-FW50
Toetatud akude arv 1
Toote värv Must
Kasutamistemperatuur (T-T) 0 - 40 °C
Laius 12,7 cm
Sügavus 4,82 cm
Kõrgus 9,44 cm
Kaal 446 g
Kaal (k.a aku) 489 g
AC-adapter kaasa arvatud Jah
Kaablid kaasa arvatud Micro-USB
Akulaadija kaasa arvatud Jah
Akud kaasa arvatud Jah
Sisseehitatud välk Jah
Sisseehitatud kõlar(id) Jah
Kõlarid 1
Pildiprotsessor BIONZ X
Toote värvMust
Megapiksel12,2 MP
Anduri tüüpCMOS
Maksimaalne pildiresolutsioon4240 x 2832 pikslit
Digitaalne suum8x
Maksimaalne video resolutsioon1920 x 1080 pikslit

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