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Adler AD 301 750W Valge

Adler AD 301, 750 W, 1 kg, 246 mm, 230 mm, 105 mm, 1,09 kg

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24,00 €

An useful sandwich toaster that has 750W of power. It allows to prepare 2 sandwiches at the same time. The sandwiches will be divided into 4 pieces shaped as triangles. A special coat at the heating plates prevents the food from sticking to them. That is why keeping the device clean is very easy. A thermostat signalises when the plates are sufficiently heated up and controls the temperature and keeps it at a steady level during the whole toasting process This way the sandwiches are crispy and gold. The sandwich toaster can be stored in a vertical position - all for the user´s comfort.
Võimsus750 W
Võileibade arv2
Nakkumatu kateJah
Lihtne puhastadaJah
Lukuga käepideJah
Valmisoleku indikaatorJah
Kaal1 kg
Pakendi laius246 mm
Pakendi sügavus230 mm
Pakendi kõrgus105 mm
Pakendi kaal1,09 kg
Toote värvValge
Vahvlite valmistamineEi
Toote värvValge
Võimsus750 W
Võileibade arv2

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